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The 5 Absolute Weirdest Body Pillows

Quick Navigation 1. Consider The Pillow Size2. The Material Of the Pillow3. The Structure Of The Pillow4. Be Keen With The DetailsThe Original Boyfriend Body PillowSuper Soft Labrador Body PillowThe Husband PillowWind & Weather Cow Body PillowCute Large, Long Pussy Cat Pillow Spicing up your sleep with a unique pillow can make bedtime more fun, […]

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What Are Pillows Made Of?

Pillows come in different shapes and sizes to meet varying needs and serve different purposes. The content of your cushion – the filling, filler, or stuffing –  defines its character. The pillow filler material gives each pillow different characteristics – hard, firm, soft, low or high loft, or supportive. We break down exactly what pillows […]

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How To Wash & Clean Throw Pillows

Functional and beautiful throw pillows, sometimes called decorative pillows, are a crucial part of a home’s decor & are often found on living room sofas to give the house a touch of class.  Other than being used for supporting the neck & the head they need to be fresh & clean at every time. In […]

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