The 3 Best Car Lumbar Support Pillows & Lower Back Cushions For Driving of 2021

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A good-quality lumbar support pillow or lower back cushion makes long drives much bearable as it eases the numbness and pain that a driver may feel, especially after hours of sitting in one position. If you already suffer from lower back pains, a lumbar pillow support can help alleviate this so that you may better endure the drive, even if you’re in the passenger seat or backseat.

Some cars already have an integrated lumbar support for their seats but it’s not compatible for all people, considering the height and weight of the person sitting. Therefore, it’s suggested that all travelers who spend a lot of time in their car for long road trips, travels, and drives should get the right lumbar support pillow that makes them the most comfortable while driving in the car. See our Best Travel Pillows as well if you plan on getting a nap while someone else takes the wheel.

Lumbar support pillows and cushions help support the natural curve of your spine so your back won’t feel tired or stressed even after maintaining a single position for hours at a time.

Benefits of Using Lumbar Support Cushions

Instead of having a slumped posture while sitting on a car seat for hours, a lumbar support pillow helps the driver or the passenger have a correct posture that can significantly decrease the chances of lower back pains. Drivers and passengers can maintain a good posture no matter what condition their car seats are in with the help of this pillow.

Not only does the lumbar support pillow help in proper posture while seated but it also have other benefits such as the following:

  • Decrease of fatigue levels that results to better concentration on the road
  • Increased vision due to better head motion
  • Better breathing
  • Less pain in the pelvis area
  • Decrease discomfort in the tail bone area

The good thing about modern cars is that it has options for seat adjustment that can add support to your lumbar area, you just have to check the manual. Some cars have already infused lumbar support in their car seats that are either adjustable or fixed but not all are effective because not all drivers have the same body shape and figure.

Key Takeaway: Although these cars with lumbar support are recommended, you can still improve this support by getting something that will help you more, such as getting a lumbar support pillow for cars. Lumbar pillows are not that expensive; it can be purchased and there is a wide array to choose from.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Lumbar Support Pillow For Your Car

If you’re not sure on how to pick the right lumbar support for you, check out the factors to consider below:

Shape - The shape of your lumbar support is the most important thing to check out. Make sure that it maintains lordosis, or the natural curve curve of the back and spine just above the buttocks. You’ll notice that if you sit up straight, there’s a small curvature found in our upper and lower back. Find a pillow that would fill this gap.

Firmness – The pillow must be firm enough as not to cave in by the pressure of your back. There are so-called memory foam pillows that capture the natural shape of your body. These foams are also firm and won’t easily lose its original shape. If you find that your pillow has begun to turn soft or powdery, it’s time to replace it.

Stability – No matter how much you move during driving, the lumbar support pillow should stay in place. It’s not good when you have to adjust the pillow all the time while driving, as it’s unsafe to get distracted while you’re on the wheel. Get lumbar support pillows that has a strap that makes it adhere itself onto the seat.

Airflow – Find lumbar support pillows that are capable of air circulation. It will ease discomfort caused by the heat after resting onto the pillow for hours at a time. Very few lumbar support pillows have cooling properties but you can just check the quality and the type of the cover if it is notorious for trapping heat. The best ones are made of mesh covers that are good for wicking heat and moisture.

Price – The average price of a good quality lumbar support pillow is around $20 to $50. Cheaper ones tend to wear out faster and lose their shape, making it ineffective for supporting the lumbar area while more expensive ones tend to last longer.

Key Takeaway: For optimum support and comfort, make sure to run these factors on your head while buying a lumbar support pillow. This is to ensure that you will get the right one for you. The most important factors for pillows are shape and firmness as they are the ones responsible for lessening back pain while driving in the car.

Our Reviews of The Top-Rated Cushions For Lumbar & Lower Back Support While Driving

While you can sometimes find a good lumbar support pillow or lower back cushion at Walmart or Target, we prefer Amazon, due to their large variety, easy selection & availability. Check out the following top-rated pillows specifically designed for lumbar support that are worth trying below:

1. OPTP Original McKenzie D-Section Lumbar Roll

This is a D-shaped lumbar roll that fills the gap on your back when seated upright. It improves sitting posture and helps correct lower back pain. The roll is covered with a moisture-wicking mesh cover that keeps air circulation. It its made in the USA, and constructed of a high-quality foam with a removable, moisture-wicking polyester mock-mesh cover.

2. Travel Ease Car Lumbar Support Back Cushion & Headrest Neck Pillow

Maintaining and molding your sitting posture by balancing external forces are essential to prevent hurts while there is an emergency brake or avoiding chronic lumbar muscle strain on long distance drive.The Travel Ease Patented High Density Therapy Level Memory Foam is soft but supportive with ergonomic streamline design for lower back pain relief.

Travel Ease Ergonomic Design car lumbar cushion and headrest pillow is considering thickness to offer enough lower back support and headrest support but won’t be too thick. Travel Ease Ergonomic Design car lumbar cushion and headrest pillow is considering thickness to offer enough lower back support and headrest support but won’t be too thick.

3. Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac with Insert and Strap, Gray

This lumbar support pillow is made of molded and highly resilient foam so that it doesn’t lose its shape and firmness even after years of use. It comes with a gartered strap so you can secure it onto your seat. The cushion is housed in a removable and washable cover that comes in the following colors: Black, Burgundy, Gray, and Navy.

Conclusion on Car Lumbar Support Pillows

The right lumbar support pillow for cars depends on your personal choice, whether to have very firm or slightly softer, covered in mesh or thick cloth, or made of inexpensive foam or the slightly expensive memory foam. It really depends on you and what you prefer when driving.

Our top-rated pillow pick to try out for car lumber support pillows would have to be the Travel Ease Car Lumbar Support Back Cushion & Headrest Neck Pillow! When you find a pillow for back pain to use in the car that is able to fully support your lower back area so that you’ll have an upright, comfortable posture during long drives, then you've found the right pillow.