How To Fluff Pillows- A Comfy Guide

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Most people know that pillows were invented thousands of years ago. The ancient cultures in Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia used solid forms to elevate their heads while sleeping, and sometimes they softened them with some cloth. 

We have come along way since then... but many common pillow hygiene and care techniques, like how to fluff a pillow, are often not common knowledge.

The act of sleeping on a soft surface dates back to much older times, where the cave dwellers were known to have napping arrangements that provided comfort. Even animals like leaning on their hands or on other members of their group.

Our modern-day pillows were seen for the first time in Greek then Roman times. And often, they were signs of luxury and affluence. And even back in these old times, pillows weren’t just used for sleeping. They’re widely also used to adjust seating, for kneeling, and for decorative uses.

In all cases, pillows need to be plump and have a little bounce to maintain their firm comfortable feel. So how to fluff pillows back to their original shape? If you’d like to know some of the best ways read on.

Why Do Pillows Look Tired and Dense? 

The main reason why pillows are flexible and soft is the amount of air inside their structure. Cotton, down, feathers, bamboo, or foam, are all materials that compress and decompress easily. However, at some point, they seem to lose their bounce.

Flattened and deformed pillows aren’t fun to look at, not to mention sleep on! They become dense and compact due to the constant pressure from our bodies. Luckily, there are ways to restore their plump vitality through "pillow fluffing" techniques. 

The 3 Tried and True Ways to Fluff Pillows 

Here are some effective ways to get your pillows in shape again. However, some pillows might not respond too enthusiastically to this treatment, and we’ll discuss that at the end of the article.  

1. Using Muscle Power 

The fibres of the pillow filling are connected from all three directions. Along the length and width of the flat surface, as well as across its thickness. When the pillows are compressed and flattened, these binding forces clump the filling together. 

Fluffing a pillow means releasing these binding forces. And the best way to do that is by

applying an accordion-like motion to the pillow from all directions. After a few minutes, the original shape of the pillow would re-emerge.

A bit of punching, afterwards, is the final tweaking that gets it back in shape. You might need to do a little fine-tuning, depending on the kind of filling you have inside the pillow.

2. Ventilation is Abundant in a Dryer 

The previous method was the classical and traditional manner of fluffing pillows, until recent times. With the availability of dryers in most households, people were bound to discover their uses in aerating pillows.

The process is pretty simple:

  • Read the label on the pillow, and only tumble dry if that’s allowable.
  • Set the dryer to low-heat, especially, if the pillow has feathers inside it.
  • You don’t need to run a washing cycle, drying is often sufficient for fluffing.
  • If the pillow needs washing, wash it, but make sure it can be machine-washed.
  • If you wash the pillow, get every last bit of humidity out.
  • An object that adds some punching is often good, a tennis ball or similar should do.
  • Make sure the plush toy is clean and dryer-friendly.
  • If you’re going to use a tennis ball, pick a new one, and put it in a tube sock.
  • Repeat the drying cycle twice for best results.
  • That’s it, your pillow should look, smell, and feel amazing!

3. Accepting the Generosity of Nature

All you need to do is find a nice sunny spot and leave the pillow there. Nature will handle all the rest. Just make sure there’s no rain or heavy wind outside! This is clearly the easiest way to let in a little air into the pillow, and leave its fibers to decompress. 

An added perk is the freshness that’s added to the pillows after that bain-de-Soleil. You’d definitely appreciate it the minute you put your head on the pillow at night. Generally, it’s a good idea to put the blankets, quilts, and other bedding items out in the air every few weeks.

This method is especially useful for new pillows that come folded and compressed. They often have a heavy industrial smell as well. Sunshine is beneficial in more ways than one.

Woman Fluffing Pillow

What if the Pillow Is Still Not Fluffed? 

Pillows are generally good for a year to two years max. After that, they tend to lose shape and become generally uncomfortable. 

Moreover, dust mites often sneak into pillows, whenever they find inviting conditions, like human sweat and warmth. These tiny little guys are responsible for a host of respiratory diseases and allergies, so it’s best to get new bedding regularly (and maybe a hypoallergenic pillow as well!) 

Bamboo pillows are generally more resistant to wear and tear, while feather pillows are the least durable. Foam pillows tend to sag and relax, so their functionality as supportive pillows decreases significantly. This might lead to unnecessary posture complications, spinal misalignment, stress headaches, among other health issues.

One of the clear signs that your pillow needs replacement, is its failure to puff up, regardless of your efforts. If all the punching, tumble drying, and hours out in the sunlight were of no use, then a new pillow might be necessary.

Luckily, there’s a huge variety of pillows in the market. This includes ones filled with water, grain, hay, and good old down. If you prefer a more supportive pillow, there are also several options that are mostly made from memory foam.

Our Conclusion On Properly Fluffing Pillows

A good pillow often translates to deep sleep and contentment. And the opposite is also true. Waking up groggy and disoriented can easily be attributed to a sagging pillow. If you were wondering how to fluff pillows, hopefully, you found this guide informative.

The simple act of fluffing pillows is more than just preparing a relaxing bed. It's a timeless form of pampering and care. And all it takes is a little punching or a few hours of aeration.

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