The 5 Absolute Weirdest Body Pillows

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Spicing up your sleep with a unique pillow can make bedtime more fun, add some personality to your bedroom decor, increase the quality of sleep & allow you to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. One of the easiest ways to do this is by finding one the weirdest body pillows. Unlike the products that come with health benefits, these are just for fun while making you comfortable.

What’s more, you will be looking forward to sleep just because of the exciting weird pillow. Apart from getting high-quality bedding, you can add novelty pillows. If you love horror, get a blood spluttered pillow, or, if you are looking for some imaginary cuddling pillow, get one to provide that experience. It is incredible how your sleep time can change because of a weird pillow.

This guide will help you discover the weirdest body pillows available on the market (and online on Amazon) and help you choose the right one for your comfort, personality, and style.

How to Choose A Top-Quality Weird Pillow To Fit Your Personality & Comfort Needs

1. Consider The Pillow Size

The size of your creative pillow is essential. If you want a big pillow, be sure to confirm how large it is before you have delivered it. Some are too small to give the comfort you want, especially when looking for a boyfriend or husband pillow. 

2. The Material Of the Pillow

The material used in making the pillow makes a huge difference; it can offer comfort and last for years, depending on quality. Most weird pillows are made of plush, cotton, or polyester. Cotton is excellent, especially during hot days, but can take too long to dry. Plush and polyester dry fast and do not get stubborn stains like cotton, but their feel is not as high as that of cotton. 

3. The Structure Of The Pillow

When you buy a weird pillow, it’s mostly for support. It has to have the qualities and similarities to the desired character. For example, if you are looking for the feeling of cuddling a girlfriend or boyfriend, it should feel like one. 

4. Be Keen With The Details

Check for the details to ensure that you receive a pillow that looks excellent. This refers to how the pillow looks like. If it’s a boyfriend pillow, do you want it in a shirt? Select what suits your tastes and preference, and you will love your creative pillow.

The Top Five Weirdest Pillows Available Online

The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow

A girl who is used to lying on her boyfriend's arm can still enjoy it in his absence. The boyfriend pillow is dressed in a shirt and looks like a gentleman in a formal shirt. The pocket on the side makes it look like a real boyfriend who has just got home from work. This weird pillow is one of the most popular ones as it even comes with an arm to hold on to you as you sleep at night. It is made of superior quality with cotton material covering for comfortable night sleep. It feels sturdy like a boyfriend with a six-pack and does not fall apart even after countless uses. Apart from being an exciting pillow, it is also comfortable for enhanced night sleep. 

The virtual hug is the best feature of the pillow; it gives you the ultimate cuddle. The hand is thick and ultra-soft and is made of pure cotton. The extended arm makes you feel like you have company on a lonely night. You can relax in this warm embrace from your pillow, and every day, it will be there to hug you at night without getting weary or sulky. 

If you are looking for something cute to add to your bed, this pillow is the ideal choice. As you lie tightly hugged by the pillow, you will not experience any allergies. It keeps you comfortable and helps relive allergies thanks to the health hug and super soft cover made of cotton that will not irritate your skin. 

The craftsmanship of the pillow will make you fall in love — the companionship and infinite quality, along with the warmth expressed by the pillow, leave you feeling amazing. There will be no more loneliness; if your boyfriend or husband has traveled, add their favorite cologne and every night you can lie there dreaming about them. 


  • The pillow is super soft
  • The interior consists of microbeads
  • Skillfully crafted


  • Not very big
  • The seams can loosen easily

Super Soft Labrador Body Pillow

The Labrador body pillow is snugly and relaxing. It is made of super-soft fur fibers that make it feel like a lovely pet supporting you as you sleep. It is complete with a perky nose and beaded eyes. You will feel like it's a furry friend looking at you, plus the padded paws add charm to your pillow. This weird pillow is charming and the type that you can easily fall in love with. The midsection gives you proper support, and it’s made of beans that give girth and a firm feel for a good night's sleep or when you relax on your sofa as you watch TV.

The polyacrylic fur is unique and you will not find anything unfriendly, causing itchiness or triggering allergies on your pillow. It is 45 inches long and, therefore, comfortable for most people.


  • Super soft and comfortable dog pillow
  • It is long enough to give you excellent support regardless of your sleeping position
  • The midsection is full and firm, comfy to lie on


  • Can cause allergic reactions if not kept clean
  • Not very wide

The Husband Pillow

The husband pillow is among the top weird pillows; it is super large and extremely comfy. It is stuffed with memory foam, which is easy to adapt, and it’s covered with a plush cover. It comes with generous dimensions and you will feel the presence of a husband as you lie on it.  

The backrest of this pillow allows sturdy support, and it's more than just a back pillow. This pillow will support your body so well that you will wake up refreshed and 100% rested. The grey hue gives it a masculine look, but you can get it in other beautiful colors, including bold red. 

The neck roll is detachable, and you can adjust the height to fit comfortably. This cylindrical pillow offers support for the neck, but you can still remove it if you do not need its support. It is ideal when experiencing neck pain; the support helps you catch some much-needed sleep. 

If you have a backache and need soothing support, the husband pillow has a backrest that feels like a massage on your back. It is made of shredded memory foam and covered with an excellent micro-plush cover. You can use it while resting, reading in bed, lounging, sleeping, or enjoying some time alone in bed.  

The husband pillow is filled with shredded memory foam that allows you to adapt various contours. It feels like a real husband who changes his position to ensure you sleep comfortably. You can make it firmer by adding more foam or a bit soft by reducing the foam. The manufacturer provides with more foam if you request. It has a zipper that allows you to access the inner shell of the pillow. This makes the pillow portable, and you carry it with you to a hotel or any other trip. 

The husband has a large shirt pocket that you can put items in, such as remote controls or magazines or just anything you want to have near you. It increases convenience while allowing you to access your “husband's” shirt pocket as you wish. 

Finally, the husband pillow comes with a three-year warranty and a 100-day money-back guarantee. 


  • The neck roll is detachable
  • Adaptable filling
  • Large size
  • Can create customized contours
  • Cashback guarantee
  • A warranty of three years


  • Has an off-gassing odor while new
  • A little pricey

Wind & Weather Cow Body Pillow

The Wind & Weather Cow Body pillow is snugly and extremely comfortable. It is made of soft fibers, which are super dense, and you will not feel the skin of the “cow” pillow; just the soothing fur that will not cause any allergic reactions. The pillow has shiny beaded eyes and the midsection is made of beans sacks, which makes it robust, but nice to lie on at night. This cow pillow also comes with delicate hooves that give it a complete Friesian cow look. What’s more, it has a tufted tail.

If you are looking for a pillow to blend with your black and white bedroom decoration, the Holstein Friesian cow is the best option for you. This cow breed originated from Germany and the Netherlands; it is one of the highest dairy production cows and therefore loved by people due to its ability. 

The huggable pillow is not a real cow but gives you a motherly hug and love as you curl up with it on a lonely chilly night. It measures 48 inches in length, the width is 16 inches, and the height 7½ inches. 

The cow pillow makes a perfect gift for anyone that loves to cuddle. It is designed to offer excellent support at night or anytime you want some support while sleeping. 


  • Large in size
  • Appealing
  • Great for both men and women


  • A bit costly
  • Too big for stomach sleepers

Cute Large & Long Pussy Cat Pillow

Cats are friendly and always give excellent companionship. Having one in your bed can make you sleep better. The cute large long pussy cat pillow is a stuffed cat pillow made of quality materials. As you lie at night, you do not have to worry about a snoring cat beside you or an allergic reaction due to the animal’s fur. This pillow lasts for years while offering excellent support as you sleep, thanks to the quality foam filling. 

Apart from using it in bed, it is an artistic piece that enhances the decoration in your home. It has a plump shape that makes it look like a healthy, huggable cat. 

The pillow is big and available in three sizes: 43 inches, 35 inches and 27.5 inches. This measurement is between the ear and the bottom. 


  • Snugly and comfortable
  • Doesn’t trigger allergies
  • Beautiful and easy to match with other decorations


  • Not very big
  • Tips for Buying Your Pillow
  • Know that the pillow will need a replacement

A pillow, no matter how beautiful and creative it is, will wear out and need replacement. To check if your pillow is too old to give you sufficient support, fold it into two and then release it. If the pillow goes back into shape, it is still fine. However, if it remains folded, it is out of shape, and you need to get another one. 

Always Consider How You Sleep Before You Choose A Weird Pillow

Not every weird pillow suits your sleeping position. It has to be supported with enough thickness or thinness, depending on your personal preference. So when choosing a creative pillow, considers the materials used to fill it. A side sleeper needs a thick pillow, a stomach sleeper can use a thin pillow, and a back sleeper needs a pillow that falls in between

Know How to Take Care of Your Pillow

Before you buy a pillow, read the label and reviews online to understand how much care it needs to keep it in good shape. While some are machine washable, others have to be hand-washed. A pillow requires to be cleaned between two and four times a year. Also, check if it has a pillow protector to prevent dirt from penetrating the pillow. 

Test The Pillow Before You Buy (If Possible)

Before you decide which pillow to buy, test it out. Rest your head on it and you will know if it’s the best for you or not. Most pillows are paid on delivery and you are also allowed to send them back as long as you have not removed the plastic wrap. If you feel any discomfort, return the pillow. 

There are many reasons why you might need to change your pillow down the road. They include new pains and aches, age, and weight gain. So, if you have had the weird pillow for years, do not be too attached. Get another one that will meet your new needs. 

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