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How to Wash Pillows- Ultimate Guide

There’s a long list in every house of things you commonly forget to clean. The list goes on to include makeup brushes, air vents, house plants, and last but not least, pillows.Who wakes up every day to think about washing their pillows? The answer is no one. Is it alright to leave these without being cleaned, […]

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Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow?

Is your pillow starting to spot or turn yellow?Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We spend an average of 7 hours a day sleeping, so it’s important we use hygienic pillows, or for those with bad allergies- hypoallergenic pillows. But what if I told you that pillows have more bacteria than a toilet seat?Why do pillows turn […]

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How To Fluff Pillows- A Comfy Guide

Most people know that pillows were invented thousands of years ago. The ancient cultures in Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia used solid forms to elevate their heads while sleeping, and sometimes they softened them with some cloth. We have come along way since then… but many common pillow hygiene and care techniques, like how to fluff a […]

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How Often Should You Change or Wash Your Pillowcase?

Doctors and scientists have said it over and over again. Maintaining essential hygiene habits could protect you from a high percentage of infectious and self-limiting diseases. This includes washing or changing your pillowcase which you have direct contact with several hours every day.Throughout the day, we interact with many aspects of the outside world packed […]

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