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The Top Foods & Drinks That Help You Sleep Through The Night

Quick Navigation Foods That Promote Healthy Sleeping PatternsCarbohydrates & Proteins Calcium-rich FoodDairy Products Rich in CalciumNon-dairy Products Loaded with CalciumMagnesium-rich foodsVitamin B6Best Beverages for Quality Sleep at Night1. Warm Milk – Tryptophan2. Coconut Water – Magnesium and Potassium3. Decaffeinated Green Tea- Theanine4. Lemon Balm Tea5. Banana Smoothie A good night’s sleep does not happen by […]

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How To Sleep With A Stiff Neck

Neck pain can be very uncomfortable, and it can easily cause one to lose sleep. And the irony of most neck pains—or what is commonly called a stiff neck—is that it often comes from a bad sleeping position in the first place. Considering its nature, is it possible to sleep pain-free? Of course, it is! […]

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How To Use Pillows During Pregnancy

Let’s talk about how to effectively, safely and comfortably use pillows during pregnancy. Between the frequent bathroom runs, a hormonal overload that is taking over your entire body, a racing mind, and a growing baby bump, comfortable sleep can be quite elusive while pregnant. The midnight bathroom breaks notwithstanding, most women find it challenging to enjoy […]

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How To Wash & Clean Throw Pillows

Functional and beautiful throw pillows, sometimes called decorative pillows, are a crucial part of a home’s decor & are often found on living room sofas to give the house a touch of class.  Other than being used for supporting the neck & the head they need to be fresh & clean at every time. In […]

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