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The Top Foods & Drinks That Help You Sleep Through The Night

Quick Navigation Foods That Promote Healthy Sleeping PatternsCarbohydrates & Proteins Calcium-rich FoodDairy Products Rich in CalciumNon-dairy Products Loaded with CalciumMagnesium-rich foodsVitamin B6Best Beverages for Quality Sleep at Night1. Warm Milk – Tryptophan2. Coconut Water – Magnesium and Potassium3. Decaffeinated Green Tea- Theanine4. Lemon Balm Tea5. Banana Smoothie A good night’s sleep does not happen by […]

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Sleeping Positions For Shoulder Pain

Those with shoulder pain sometimes find it hard to get sleep at night.  We toss, turn and switch positions until we finally fall asleep. If we end up sleeping in a bad position, we sometimes wake up with a painful shoulder. And this painful shoulder will make it more difficult to sleep the next evening. But […]

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What Are Pillows Made Of?

Pillows come in different shapes and sizes to meet varying needs and serve different purposes. The content of your cushion – the filling, filler, or stuffing –  defines its character. The pillow filler material gives each pillow different characteristics – hard, firm, soft, low or high loft, or supportive. We break down exactly what pillows […]

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